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Hong Ngoc staffs actively attended blood donation

On April 12, at its main hall, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has organized a voluntary blood donation, attracting a vast number of staff members. As the result, 78 blood units (A and O blood types) have been donated to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

“One drop of blood to give, a life to stay” – the voluntary blood donation is motivated by altruism and the desire to help others and by a sense of moral duty or social responsibility. Each unit of blood would enhance the chance of saving the patient’s life in their riskiest moment. This sharing also helps spread love in the community, acknowledging people to live healthier lives. Furthermore, the event showed the spirit of mutual love, an amazing cultural tradition of our nation for thousands of generations.

With the work experience in the medical industry, each Hong Ngoc staff fully understands the importance of blood for treatment as well as the shortage of blood in hospitals these days. Hence, as soon as the Board of Directors launched the voluntary blood donation event, a large number of staff participated with a positive spirit.

Some significant moments of the blood donation:

In consumption, the event has donated 78 blood units including A and O blood types, which contributed to saving more patients’ lives in critical times. Through the voluntary blood donation, the Board of Directors from Hong Ngoc General Hospital hope to widely motivate the high and beautiful values so that there are more and more people willing to donate their blood for humanitarian purpose.

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