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Hong Ngoc General Hospital cooperated with an American Consultant from Texas Orthopedic Specialists to perform hip replacement surgery without damaging the tendons.

On September 5th&6th 2023, Hong Ngoc General Hospital collaborated with Mr. Nathan B. Haile, M.D. – Hip Orthopedic Surgery Consultant, Texas Orthopedic Specialists of Orthopedic Trauma Center, USA, who successfully performed total hip replacements on a large number of patients.

Applying the Direct anterior approach (DAA) in total hip replacement surgery

The goal of the collaborative program is to promote the development of a new technique for “total hip replacement with DAA  preserving tendons, muscles, and nerves close to the hip joint”, helping patients recover quickly. Patients can do kinesiotherapy one day after the surgery.

The cooperation program is also an opportunity for doctors and surgeons to further practice their professional skills in the following areas:

– Emergency cases and orthopedic treatment of bone fractures

– Principles of hip replacement incisions without cutting tendons or muscles

– Patient care plan after surgery. 

                    Hong Ngoc General Hospital cooperates with an American Consultant for DAA hip replacement

During his working time, Dr.Nathan B. Haile, M.D., Dr. Le Quang Huy (Head of Orthopedic unit – Hong Ngoc General Hospital), and the surgical team successfully performed total hip replacements, using minimally invasive incisions, preserving tendons and muscles.

The DAA hip replacement technique does not require the removal of tendons, muscles, and nerves

According to Dr. Le Quang Huy: “DAA total hip replacement is one of the world’s leading modern methods, bringing many benefits to patients. The incision is small from 7-10cm, fully exposing the joint capsule and helping to accurately access the joint replacement site, without removing any muscle or tendon groups, avoiding dislocation after surgery. The surgical method minimizes soft tissue invasion around the hip joint, so patients have less pain, less blood loss, and it also ensures aesthetics. After complete recovery, the patient can completely cross their legs, squat, fold their thighs into their abdomen, etc., and perform 99% of their daily activities like a natural joint.”

In addition, Hong Ngoc Hospital uses Optimys artificial hip joints (Switzerland), which have a longer lifespan than conventional hip joints and are “friendly” to the patient’s body. Patients can regain mobility one day after total hip replacement surgery and only need to stay in the hospital for four days, saving time and money.

Successful cementless total hip replacement

Hong Ngoc General Hospital is the first private hospital to meet global standards in surgical surgery, certified by the Royal Society of Surgeons of England (RCS). All sterile operating rooms meet US FDA standards, and the latest generation GE C-arm machine provides sharp images and accurate positioning of the hip joint that needs to be replaced. Thanks to that, we ensure absolute safety, avoid infection in the hip joint area after surgery, and create the best conditions to help patients quickly recover movement.

“We highly appreciate the surgical process, surgical methods, and facilities at Hong Ngoc. In the future, I hope to cooperate more with Hong Ngoc Hospital, with Dr. Le Quang Huy and all the doctors of the Hong Ngoc Trauma and Orthopedics Unit to be able to apply many methods, modern techniques in examination and treatment that bring practical benefits to patients.”, Mr. Nathan B. Haile, M.D. said.

If you need to receive a more in-depth consultation on orthopedics at Hong Ngoc General Hospital, please contact Hotline 0912002131 or 0949646556. Thank you!


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