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Examination Procedure

To save your time and avoid overcrowded at the hospital, please follow this procedure for examination, testing and treatment:

Step 1:

Follow receptionists’ instruction to get your number from the ticket queuing system

Step 2:

Come to the counter in the correct order with support of receptionists

Step 3:

Go to clinical rooms for examination

Step 4:

Keep your eyes on the electric number board in front of each room, waiting for your turn. Meet doctors for clinical examinations.

Step 5:

After finishing the clinical examination, go to function rooms for functional exploration, testing, image diagnosis … (if any) with the guidance of receptionists. Wait for your turn and complete all requested testing.

Step 6:

Return to the initial clinical examination room and wait for results.

Step 7:

Follow the instruction of receptionists to take the next steps such as taking medicine, hospitalization and so on.

Note: During the entire process of visiting the hospital, patients are always provided with all information and instructions carefully and thoughtfully.

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