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The hospital has collaborated with the Hong Ngoc Department and a Japanese professor to introduce the no-tendon-cutting knee replacement technique to Vietnam

On September 28, 2023, Hong Ngoc General Hospital cooperated with Professor Hiranaka Takafumi (Takatsuki Hospital – Japan) – the world’s leading expert on knee replacement, had successfully performed kinematic axial knee replacement without cutting tendons for many patients.

Collaboration program – An opportunity for physicians to gain access to the world’s most effective knee replacement techniques

The objective of the cooperation program is to introduce the exclusive knee replacement techniques without cutting the tendons of a Japanese professor to Vietnam. This event is an excellent opportunity for physicians to learn and implement the world’s most advanced knee replacement techniques, allowing thousands of patients to regain mobility quickly, safely, and with less pain, invasiveness, pain, and symptoms.

During the cooperation process, Professor Hiranaka Takafumi directly examined and exchanged professional knowledge with the team of doctors and technicians of the Orthopedic Trauma Unit, Department of Emergency Resuscitation, Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, … revolves around the following contents: principles of knee replacement, advantages of new surgical methods, patient care plans after joint replacement surgery,… In particular, under the professional advice of Professor Hiranaka Takafumi, Dr. Le Quang Huy (Head of the CTCH unit – Hong Ngoc General Hospital) and the surgical team have successfully operated total knee replacements, using the Minimally invasive surgery, preserving tendons and muscles.

This is the first time bringing knee replacement without tendonectomy to Vietnam

The implementation of the no-tendon-cutting knee replacement technique – patients regain mobility one day after surgery

According to Dr. Le Quang Huy, kinematic axial knee replacement without tendon severing is one of the most advanced surgical techniques in the world, bringing numerous advantages to patients. By restricting soft tissue invasion around joints, patients experience less blood loss, less pain, and rapid wound healing. Preserved muscle tendons and nerves will establish a connection between the ends of the bones, allowing patients to stand, sit, swim, cycle, and climb mountains without risk of dislocation. The covered artificial joint will function like a natural joint, the patient will be able to move after one day of surgery, and will only need to remain in the hospital for five days, saving the maximum amount of time and money.

In addition, the artificial knee joint is designed to resemble the natural joint by 99%, suiting each patient’s leg axis and promoting leg balance, natural gait, and fluid movement. The joint is composed of Tivanium and bioplastic that is “friendly” to bone structure and has a 20-year lifespan.

Successful total knee replacement for the patient

Hong Ngoc General Hospital has successfully completed the rigorous evaluate standards, making it the first private hospital to be granted the transfer of the no-tendon-cutting knee replacement technique developed by a Japanese Professor. In particular, Hong Ngoc General Hospital meets global standards for surgical surgery, certified by the Royal Society of Surgeons of England (RCS). The specialized surgical instrument system ensures precise intervention, the operating room system is absolutely sterile, safe, and avoids infection for patients. The team of physicians is well-trained in orthopedic injuries and is constantly upgrading new methods and techniques to assist patients in undergoing less invasive surgery and recovering quickly.

“We greatly appreciate Hong Ngoc Hospital’s provision of facilities and expertise. In the future, I look forward to cooperating more closely with Hong Ngoc General Hospital to continuously update new examination and treatment techniques, thereby providing patients with tangible benefits. Professor Takafumi Hiranaka shared shall.

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