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Miracle story of a cancer patient giving birth after four miscarriages

5 years after getting married was a terrible time for Mrs. Loan. Three times of biochemical pregnancy loss, another miscarriage at the 16th week of pregnancy due to molar pregnancy after IUI, and complications of choriocarcinoma requiring 2 years of chemotherapy seemed to stop her from wishing to have a baby. However, the miracle did happen when she successfully gave birth, and that moment would be the most memorable one in her life.

A hard journey in tears

Mrs. N.T. Loan (Hanoi) married at the age of 26 with dreams of a happy family and children. Unfortunately, happiness didn’t last long. Within a year, she lost three fetuses right from the early stages due to biochemical pregnancy.

Overcoming the grief, her family went to all hospitals, from small medical units to big hospitals, seeking solutions. She even asked for the reproductive assisted technique Intrauterine insemination (IUI). However, that time her happiness only lasted for 4 weeks when she lost her baby again because of partial molar pregnancy.

But it was not the most extreme pain that she had to suffer. Complications of choriocarcinoma made her collapsed.

The whole world seemed to be collapsing before my eyes. No matter how strong I was, I couldn’t stop crying. I cried silently night after night, wondering why fate was so harsh for me ” – Mrs. Loan emotionally shared.

Two years, six cycles of chemotherapy, it was hard to imagine all the pain and suffering that this little woman had to endure.

A miracle appeared

Having her cancer temporarily stabilized, Mrs. Loan with her husband continued the journey of finding a baby with the encouragement of her family.

bệnh viện đa khoa hồng ngọc

Mrs. Loan went to hospital for the reproductive health check

That wonderful day finally came when her family was informed of good news that a fetus had appeared and growing healthily in her womb.

“Within 273 days of pregnancy, my husband and I counted each day, only wishing our baby would be born healthily and peacefully.” – Mrs. Loan shared.

For her family, the baby is such a precious gift that they want to cherish like a gem in their hand. Therefore, from the very first days of pregnancy, Mrs. Loan and her husband as well as her parent from both sides had searched everywhere to choose the best obstetrician and the most reliable hospital to take care of the mother and her child during the pregnancy and childbirth time.

“Fortunately, we got to know Dr. Quyen – a good, experienced, and very dedicated doctor. He is currently Hong Ngoc Hospital’s Head of the Obstetrics Department. Choosing Dr. Quyen was the wisest decision I have made in my entire life.”

ivf bệnh viện hồng ngọc

Baby Dâu Tây (which means Strawberry in English) is a precious gem that the whole family want to cherish all the time

She said, because of her complicated obstetric history and the problem of blood clotting disorders, the doctors had dedicatedly taken care of her and the baby during her pregnancy as well as the whole process of giving birth. During the pregnancy, she continued to receive preventive cancer treatment and be closely monitored and periodically examined, trying to make no mistake since this baby was her family’s hope and miracle.

After five years of hardship and bitterness, her family finally tasted the sweetness of having a baby. Exactly at the 39th week of pregnancy, Dâu Tây, a lovely girl weight 4kg, was born in a burst of happiness from not only Mrs. Loan and her husband but also their relatives of both sides.

ivf bệnh viện đa khoa hồng ngọc

Dr. Quyen (on the right) with newborn Dâu Tây

Recalling the moment of giving birth, Mrs. Loan was still emotional: “The moment I heard my baby crying, I was choked with emotions. She cried so loudly that Dr. Quyen said she was the loudest baby in the Obstetrics Department (she smiled). At that time, I just thought I had been waiting for this moment for such a long time. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Quyen and his team for

taking care of both me and my child throughout these past hard days”.

The baby was born, both of them are healthy. This is a miracle for my family and no happiness can compare with this.” – Mrs. Loan’s husband shared.

He smiled with tears in his eyes, appreciated: “Thanks to Hong Ngoc’s obstetricians, the baby could miraculously grow and was born healthily. From now on, we still need your help to take care of our child’s health. It is no doubt to say that she is Hong Ngoc’s adopted child. Sincerely thank you. I wish all Hong Ngoc’s doctors would be healthy and more skilled to bring miracles to other couples like us, welcoming more little angels to this world.”

Baby Dâu Tây sleeping peacefully in her parents’ hands


(*) The character name was changed

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