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Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s Laboratory Department achieved ISO 15189:2012 certification

On March 26, the laboratory department of Hong Ngoc General Hospital has achieved ISO 15189:2012 certification, allowing thousands of patients to bring Hong Ngoc’s test results to other health facilities for further examination and treatment without the need of retesting.

What is ISO 15189:2012 standard?

ISO 15189:2012 is for medical laboratories that define requirements for quality and competence. It is based on ISO/ IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 with the addition of several specific requirements for quality assurance in medical testing. They are 15 management requirements and 8 technical ones such as: laboratory testers’ competence and skills; environmental condition controlling and equipment management; pre-test preparation; the management of test execution and so on.

The application of ISO 15189 helps:

  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of test results in diagnosis and treatment at hospitals and medical facilities;
  • Enhance the quality management competence in medical laboratories;
  • Allow hospitals and medical facilities to review and use test results from other ones;
  • Provide a reliable basis for health assessment, forensic activities, and more.
  • Provide a basis for mutual recognition assessment activities among global laboratories and enhance the capacity of doctors, technical specialists in the medical laboratories.

ISO 15189:2012

Patients of Hong Ngoc General Hospital enjoy an array of benefits from the hospital’s achievement of ISO 15189:2012

Laboratory tests are an essential part of the diagnosis and treatment process. Understanding this fact, since its establishment, the Laboratory Department of Hong Ngoc General Hospital has focused much on quality improvement and achieving international standards of competence and quality.

ISO 15189: 2012 certification

Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s Director of Laboratory Department received ISO 15189: 2012 certification

The ISO 15189:2012 is currently the highest standard of competence and quality for medical laboratories. Most of the major and prestigious hospitals across the country such as Viet Duc Hospital, Thanh Nhan Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, Institute of Malariology Parasitology and Entomology, and numerous international hospitals has recognized the results from laboratories with ISO 15189:2012 certification.

If patients have tested and treated at any medical facilities which have this standard, their test result will be admitted to have been done. In this way, they can shorten the re-testing process as well as save time and money.

Achieving ISO 15189:2012 certification in the field of biochemistry is a testimony for the accurate and reliable test quality of Hong Ngoc’s Laboratory Department.

Mr. Cao Doc Lap, Director of Hong Ngoc General Hospital said: “Achieving ISO 15189:2012 certification has proven that the testing competence of Hong Ngoc General Hospital is on a par with other major regional and international hospitals.” However, he emphasized that this is not the last effort. In the future, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will continue to be proactive in improving quality according to international standards in order to enhance the hospital’s reputation and patient satisfaction.

Below are some images were taken during the celebration of Hong Ngoc General Hospital achieving ISO 15189:2012 certification:

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