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Hong Ngoc General Hospital – A prime address for expats to have health check-up for work permit

On the basis of Circular No. 14/2013/TT – BYT dated May 6, 2013 (issued with Official Letter No. 143/KCB-PHCN&GĐ by Ministry of Health), Hong Ngoc General Hospital is one of 13 Hanoi-based clinics recognized by Department of Medical examination and Treatment and Department of Employment as qualified hospital to offer health examination services for expats living in Vietnam. 

What is work permit?

Work permit is a document issued by Vietnam Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs which allows expats to work legally in Vietnam.

What does the health check package for work permit at Hong Ngoc General Hospital include?

Health certificate for foreigners issued by Hong Ngoc General Hospital is recognized and legally valid.

Accordingly, after using the health examination services at the hospital, those who want to register for work permit in Vietnam will not only know about their health status but also receive a valid certificate of health examination for application for work permit in Vietnam.

The health check package for work permit includes:

Clinical Examination

  1. Internal Medicine exam: Blood pressure measurement, body mass index assessment, medical history reviewing, final consultation and health advices
  2. Surgical exam: Diagnostic of surgical diseases (if any)
  3. Ophthalmology exam: Diagnostic of eye diseases such as myopic astigmatism, conjunctivitis, blepharitis and so on
  4. ENT exam: Diagnostic detection and treatment advice for sinus diseases, laryngitis, tonsillitis and so on
  5. Odontology exam: Detecting tooth decay, gingivitis, tartar, periodontitis, root canal diseases and so on
  6. Dermatological exam: Detecting conditions and diseases of skin and skin appendages including hair, hair, nails and so on
  7. Obstetrics and gynecology exam: Detecting inflammatory diseases of the reproductive tract, counseling for reproductive health and so on

Specialist performing ophthalmology exam which is included in the work permit health check package

Imaging Diagnosis

Chest X-ray (not applied to pregnant women): Evaluation and screening of abnormalities in the chest and lung diseases such as lung tumors, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis and so on

Blood test

  • Complete blood count: measuring the amount of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, Hemoglobin and so on; evaluating anemia, certain infections and blood clotting disorder due to lack of platelets
  • Glucose test: Diagnosis of diabetes, hypoglycemia and so on.
  • Liver function tests (GOT, GPT): Early detecting liver diseases including acute and chronic hepatitis, liver parenchymal lesions (viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis and so on)
  • Renal function tests (Ure, Cre): Early detecting kidney diseases including renal insufficiency, glomerulonephritis, kidney failure and so on
  • Urine test: Early detecting diseases of the urinary tract, liver, kidney, gallstones, kidney stones


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    Procedure of work permit health check at Hong Ngoc General Hospital

    Step 1: Complete health declaration and Covid-19 rapid test (if required) at the hospital’s screening area

    Step 2: Perform required administrative procedures at the hospital’s reception desk

    • Present your passport and photos
    • Make payment and receive medical record forms

    Step 3: Follow the health check process

    Perform each examination and sub-clinical tests included in the health check package such as clinical examination, imaging diagnostic, blood and urine tests

    Step 4: Finish the health check process

    Wait for the hospital to complete your medical record and receive your results


    • Fasting at least 6-8 hours before the health examination
    • Bring with you your passport and 3 photos (size 4x6cm, white background)

    The hospital’s receptionist will fill out the form for customers

    Hong Ngoc General Hospital is a prime address for work permit health check with 6 highlights

    Hong Ngoc General Hospital has been considered as a prime address in Hanoi for expats living in Vietnam to have their work permit. Each month, the hospital receives approximately 500 customers. This number showing our service has gained the customers trust.

    The hospital has gained the trust of South Korea, Japan, China expats as well as Vietnamese who want to apply for a visa, prepare a scholarship application or apply for a work abroad. They are invited to experience high quality medical services with:

    1. Numerous medical facilities in Hanoi with luxurious space and modern equipment
    2. A team of skilled and highly experienced doctors who are all Level II specialists and upper level of expertise, working all week
    3. Well-designed and cost-saving package covering a full list of examinations based on the Ministry of Health’s circular
    4. A team of professional interpreters dedicatedly supporting customers during the examination process
    5. Simple examination process reducing the waiting time and allowing customers to receive results immediately after the examination
    6. Enjoy a number of discounts if customers examine under their company’s contract

    Hong Ngoc’s luxurious medical facilities

    Let Hong Ngoc General Hospital care for your health. For further information and appointment, please contact:

    Hotline: 0932 232 016 – 0911 908 856

    Tell: (+84-4) 3927 5568 ext *2273/*2237/*2218 (During working hours)

    (Please leave us a text message if you want to contact outside working hours)

    Email: khamsuckhoecanhan@hongngochospital.vn

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