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Hospitalization and discharge

Below is hospitalization and discharge information that you should keep in mind


Before your admission, you and your companion would be instructed clearly about all procedures, regulations, fees and other related matters. After you complete the admission procedure, our staff will show you the room that you will stay during your hospitalization. Nurses and technicians are available 24/24 to care and support you. Please do not hesitate to ask them if there is anything unclear or problems occur.

At the hospital, we provide you with:

  • Blankets, bed sheets, towels, hair dryer, toothpaste and other simple toiletries during your stay
  • Outfit specialized for patients
  • You should bring:
  • Your own outfits (to use when discharged)
  • Bath lotions, shampoos, personal toiletries, books
  • All of medications that you are taking
  • Medical records, examination results and other related documents
  • A copy of your identifier (passport, ID card)
  • Insurance card
  • Admission fee (informed by admission officer)

For children:

  • Teddy bear, small toys (which cannot make noise
  • Books, comics for kids
  • Milk, some kind of sweeties

Note: Do not bring with you precious stuff, jewelry, or much money to the treatment room. Otherwise, please contact us to keep them in the safe.


Generally, you will be informed the discharge date 1 day in advance. Discharge is normally before 12:00pm (noon). To conveniently discharge from the hospital, please note that:

  • You should ask your nurse if there is anything unclear about discharge time, billing matters, and so on.
  • A detailed report of all charges will be supplied, you should settle the payment at the cashier;
  • If your insurance company has already confirmed your medical expenses, you still need to checkout at the main cashier to approve your charges and to sign your bill.

Please do not forget to bring home:

  • Prescription for outpatient treatment with drug instructed by doctors
  •  Discharge documents signed by the doctors
  •  Imaging results (X-rays, CT), blood tests done during treatment.\
  •  Detailed information related to your examination and treatment (if necessary)
  •  Appointment card for following treatment (if any)
  • Your personal belongings that you took to the hospital

Many thanks./

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