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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, HONG NGOC General Hospital – The FIRST UNIT IN VIETNAM CERTIFIED HEALTH CARE FROM ACHSI (Australia)

The Obstetrics and Gynecology department of Hong Ngoc Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital proudly became the only unit in Vietnam to be officially recognized by ACHS according to the Quality Assessment and Improvement Plan (EQuIP6) after passing the strict international assessment standards of the Australian Health Care Committee (ACHSI).

ACHS Medical Standards Certificate – Certificate of High Quality Medical Services

ACHSI, or the Australian Medical Standards Committee, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of human health care.

ACHSI launched a quality evaluation and improvement strategy in 1996 to support and review medical institutions in accordance with national quality, safety, and health service requirements. The following ideas guide evaluation: patient-centeredness, continual advancement, and striving for the best technique.

ACHS International, a subsidiary of ACHS, was founded in 2005 and is the world’s premier healthcare innovation organization, committed to collaborating with worldwide suppliers to improve patient safety, quality, outcomes, and value.

In which, the function of health care quality accreditation is:

  • The evaluation process is internationally recognized.
  • Evaluate and improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of medical institutions to improve the quality and safety of patients.
  • As a way of recognizing that a medical institution has met national quality standards.

Many hospitals have been working to earn certificates in accordance with these requirements, which serve as confirmation that each unit provides high-quality medical services.


 ACHS Healthcare Certification

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Hong Ngoc General Hospital – the first unit in Vietnam obtained the EquIP6 medical standard certification from ACHS International.

After years of striving to improve the quality of both human and material resources, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hong Ngoc Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital was honored to be the first and only unit in Vietnam to receive the EQuIP6 health care standardization certificate from ACHS International of Australia. Developing hospital quality is founded on 5 fundamental principles drawn from the EQuIP6 set of 47 criteria.


  • Acknowledge the patient’s requirements and expectations.
  • Patients are always prioritized.
  • Evaluate the service from the patient’s perspective.

Effective leadership demonstrates accountability and a dedication to quality care, continuous improvement, and performance:

  • Provide direction to organizations/health care services.
  • Strategies, systems, and procedures for achieving extraordinary results in sustainable development.
  • Encourage and motivate employees to contribute, grow, and learn.
  • Embrace employees’ proposals to innovate and innovate.

Continuous improvement through:

  • The pursuit of betterment methods is embraced in everyday activities.
  • Obtaining and maintaining the desired level of care for patients.
  • Controlling outcomes in patient care as well as searching for opportunities to enhance both treatment and care outcomes.

Performance measurement and analysis – hospitals rely on outcomes measurement and analysis along with process evaluation. Indicators of care demonstrate a commitment to quality maintenance and continual enhancement by:

  • Data and information, including main processes, outputs, and outcomes should be provided.
  • Reflect upon the factors that lead to the improvement of patients’ health or quality of life.

Strive to achieve best practices – compare the performance of hospital with other institutions, or learn and apply best practice principles:

  • Research, apply and develop new technologies to achieve world-class operational performance.
  • Non-stop learning.
  • Improving patients’ satisfaction and treatment effectiveness.

The achievement of the certification validates the repute of the Obstetrics Department of Hong Ngoc Hospital’s patient care services.

Practical benefits EQuIP6 brings to patients

Experience international standards of healthcare and treatment based on the following five principles:

  • Patient – centered.
  • Effective leadership demonstrates responsibility and a commitment to provide excellent care meanwhile increasing quality and performance.
  • Constantly improvement.
  • Performance measurement and analysis – hospital rely on outcome measurement and analysis, as well as process evaluation. Caring indicators that demonstrate a commitment to quality and improve continuous enhancement.
  • Strive to achieve the best method.

Maintain stringent quality standards for safety treatment, prevent medical incident, and maintain safety for patients.

  • Activating medical accident detection and reporting system in all departments to detect incidents, respond to them immediately, and prevent them from reoccurring again.
  • A risk management system is integrated into all procedures to detect risks and avoid accidents, such as managing the risks of slipping, long-term bed rest, and risk of surgical complications, … to assure pregnant women’s maximum safety during maternity care.

Protect and respect personal privacy

  • Before admission, the patients are provided with information and explanations about the patient’s rights and obligations.
  • The hospital commit to providing services only with the understanding and consent of
  • Personal and treatment process information are promised to be absolutely confidential.

All patients have the right to make suggestions, be provided with information as well as participate in the treatment process:

  • The hospital demonstrates procedures to ensure that obstetricians can obtain the most favorable conditions for services and medical care, carefully considers obstetricians’ needs, builds up specific treatment and nursing plans, thoroughly clarifies them, and guarantees hospital-obstetrician cooperation to achieve the best results.
  • Record and review obstetric suggestions, and flexibly implement them in accordance with requirements, in order to provide obstetricians with a satisfying experience during hospitalization.
  • Pregnant women and their families are permitted to participate in the contribution and assessment of medical services, as well as the health feedback processing system, including receiving as well as handling of complaints in order to constantly improve service quality.

Close protection against the risk of medical infection by bacteria

The bacterial infection control system manages and prevents the infection in the process of using medical services to the maximum extent, and ensures the safe environment for pregnant women and medical staff.

Prevention and protection of medical and non-medical emergencies risks:

  • Install a hospital-wide actuated speaker system to swiftly and efficiently disseminate information.
  • Establish and regularly adapt and update the process, as well as specify the hospital’s actual response. Both held activities to improve medical staff processing abilities and processes.
  • Gather as many resources and highly specialized medical personnel as possible in order to save patients’ lives.
  • Improve nursing quality, treatment coordination, and the ability to detect and treat acute changes in patients at an early stage.

Get complete physical and mental health care and improve your understanding via health education programs:

  • The continuous obstetric care system has been effectively implemented to ensure the safety of pregnant women, including those who have chronic or other diseases prior to arriving at the hospital, and will continue to be actively managed and provided with continuous and seamless medical care.
  • The hospital’s goal is not only to promote pregnant women’s health, but also to organize seminars specific to the needs of pregnant women and their families through health education programs such as improving knowledge courses, aimed at families, employees and communities-breastfeeding practice, basic postpartum care and sports beneficial to pregnant mothers, such as yoga classes, etc.

Women receive high-quality medical care in Hong Ngoc

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