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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

On the basis of each injury and disease as well as the health status of patients, doctors and therapists of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of Hong Ngoc General Hospital always attempt to offer the most appropriate services and treatments, helping patients to minimize pain and quickly recover.

The main functions and services of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department include:

  • Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery;
  • Rehabilitation of neurological diseases such as nerve compression, stroke or brain damage;
  • Regular assessment of chronic neurological diseases such as stroke, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis;
  • Control of backache, headache, joint and muscle pain, weakness, stiffness, swelling or pain such as needle sticks;
  • Rehabilitation for patients with acute and chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchiolitis and bronchitis in adults and children;
  • Rehabilitation for infants, young children and adolescents – focused treatment of postural disorders, and developmental coordination disorders and pediatric diseases;
  • Services for injury and muscle disorders include sports injuries and pre/postoperative treatment
  • Recovery of women’s health problems including exercises for prenatal or postnatal period and after breast cancer surgery.

The department’s team of doctors and specialists, led by Dr. Le Vinh – former Head of Rehabilitation Department of Viet Duc Hospital, includes deeply trained and caring physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and orthopedic technicians with high capacity of dealing with various diseases.

The department boasts a multifunction equipment system for physiotherapy and rehabilitation imported from Germany. These are the world’s most advanced devices and machines used in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, meeting a great demand of patients.

For the desire of developing the department and enhancing the capacity of staff, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has cooperated with numerous foreign partners in the industry. Particularly, since 2016 the hospital has cooperated with Ever Pharma – one of the leading Austrian company specialized in treatment of stroke and rehabilitation for patients by physiotherapy.

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