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Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh constructed in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Health Building Notes

In the first quarter of 2021, Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh will officially launched. The hospital will be operated as a smart hospital, integrating numerous modern health care utilities and following strict standards in construction and design.

The first hospital designed in HBN in Vietnam

Health Building Notes give “best practice” guidance on the design and planning of new healthcare buildings and are used in planning of UK hospitals. Approved by the UK government, HBN set strict standards about quality and technical figures of facility, bringing most benefit to customers.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh is a leading smart hospital project in the North of Vietnam. The hospital will consist of numerous function rooms from clinical examination, imaging diagnosis, laboratory, retreat team to the system of F&B, gym-yoga-spa and more

Cơ sở mỹ đình

Overview of Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh

All hospital’s design standards of walls, ceilings, floors, interior and exterior, doors, stairs, corridors … are strictly complied with HBN. Based on the nature of medical activities, different flooring materials such as anti-slip plastic and anti-static ones are chosen. Each area has a different floor mat, for example some areas need waterproof mats, some other require materials which are good for legs or mats with suitable colors for different group ages from children to the elderly.

The hospital also use 100% antibacterial paint, helping to protect the health of all clients visiting and staying there. Notably, the entire facade architecture of the hospital uses high-grade friendly environmental fiberglass concrete, which helps to effectively protect against the sun and especially does not affect the health of the patients.

Indeed, following HBN in design and construction allows Hong Ngoc General Hospital My Dinh to boast modern space of healthcare building while ensure safety to patients, their loved ones and medical staff.

The leading hospital completely following BIM LOD400 in design and construction

Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh is one of few projects which completely follow BIM LOD400 (LOD – Level of Development. This means that the BIM model is applied to the entire life cycle of the project from design, construction to hospital operation.

hồng ngọc mỹ đình

The project of Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh strictly follow BIM models in mechanical and electrical construction

Accordingly, the design consultant and the contractor of the project have used BIM software to create 3D models on the computer. This model will look like an actual construction site and it is linked with the project’s information data, showing all relationships in space, size, quantity, and material structure of the building. When a project has a change integrated into the BIM model, all graphics views, architectural information, etc. will automatically respond and update those changes.

It is thanks to the implementation of BIM model from the beginning that the constructors can foresee conflicts and control quality of construction and electromechanical activities as well as aesthetics of the project, thereby limiting repairs and ensuring project progress.

hồng ngọc mỹ đình

Unicons Corporation’s employees re-checking the construction via virtual reality software

In addition, Tuner – the contractor and Unicons Construction Corporation uses Dalux software with augmented reality (VR, AR) to let the doctors experience the virtual reality space designed on the BIM model. Thanks to the realistic 3D hospital space experience, doctors can advise and make accurate decisions about the most appropriate arrangement of equipment in the functional rooms, making examination and treatment activities most effective.

The implementation of BIM model together with VR and AR enhancement helps designers, constructors and operators easily understand each other, all attempting to bring convenience to customers during their visit and stay.

With the achievements in design and construction, the BIM implementation process at Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh has been considered by Turner as one of the typical effective BIM implementation processes in Vietnam to be featured in the online BIM series organized by the BIM Steering Committee (Ministry of Construction).

General project information:

Name of project: Hong Ngoc General Hospital – My Dinh

Address: No 8 Chau Van Liem Street, Phu Do Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Scale: 16 floors and 2 basements, total area 2.5ha

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