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Hong Ngoc Hospital responds to the new wave of Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic came back to Vietnam after 55 days of no new cases of infection in the community. In this context, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has reactivated our Covid-19 prevention system, further establishing flow of screening and testing for clients with epidemiological factors.

Set up a checkpoint right at the hospital entrance to screen, detect and isolate clients with epidemiological factors

Following the direction of People’s Committee of Hanoi on strengthening the prevention and control measures of COVID-19 epidemic in medical units before and during the epidemic COVID-19’s new development, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has proactively prepared sufficient equipment, facilities and human resources as well as options to cope with possible epidemic situations. The hospital has also been implementing measures to prevent epidemics at all branches.

The hospital has set up a checkpoint right at the entrance for establishing patient flow:

  • All people entering to the hospital need to report their epidemiology, have their temperature checked and go through the sterilization chamber.
  • Patients with one of Covid-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) or epidemiological factors (such as returning from the epidemic areas of Hai Duong or Quang Ninh Province from 18/1/2021; going to places that coincide with the schedule of patients with COVID-19 or having close contact with F0, F1 in the past 14 days …) are isolated and examined in separate examination areas, avoiding the risk for other patients.

All customers entering the hospital have their body temperature measured


The isolation examination area at Hong Ngoc Hospital

  • After the examination at the isolation area, if patients who are determined to have risk factors (epidemiological factors, assay positive for COVID-19) will be referred to hospitals which have been authorized by Vietnamese Government for Covid-19 examination and treatment.
  • Patients at no risk are asked to wear a mask and wash their hands with disinfectant solution before going for normal examination in other departments.

Prepare adequate anti-epidemic equipment and facilities

Hong Ngoc has completed the installation of a negative pressure isolation room, an Air Shower, a remote examination robot to enhance prevention of disease infection at all clinics.

The negative pressure room is equipped with camera, bed, transparent clean booth vinyl, Ultra- air treatment machine using HEPA filters, and UV-C light for air purification whose efficiency is up to 99.9995%.


Hong Ngoc’s doctor working in the negative pressure room

The Air Shower using technology from Japan with HEPA filters and UV lights is integrated with a disinfectant solution containing silver ion (Ag +). The device is set at the entrance of the hospital to help sterilize 100% of the visiting patients.

The negative pressure room and air shower equipped at Hong Ngoc General Hospital completely meet all medical standards in preventing infectious disease.


The air shower set up at the hospital’s entrance

The robot used for remote examination has ability to help doctors listen to the heart and lungs of patients and integrated with ultrasound and X-ray functions, allowing doctors to remotely examine and diagnose clinically for suspected patients COVID-19 for timely quarantine. This helps ensure safety for medical staff and minimize manpower in the isolated area, avoiding the risk of infection in the community.


The isolated examination area with robot for remote examination.

Moreover, 100% of medical staff taking charge of the isolated area is equipped with protective clothing, gloves, anti-drop glasses, and specialized masks, and are trained to deliver correct disinfection procedures while contacting with patients, ensuring the safety of the hospital environment.


100% of medical staff are equipped with specialized protective equipment

Timely direction from the Board of Directors

In period of complicated epidemics, especially the rapid spread of the new virus in the UK, the Board of Directors of Hong Ngoc Hospital has quickly prepared all directions to response to the pandemic for all medical staff of the hospital and affiliated clinics.

Their actions are timely to ensure that all medical staff of the hospital can be proactive, fully comply with all regulations and perform the patient screening process accurately and safely.

We do hope that with this preparation, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will join hands with the country to quickly isolate infection area and soon defeat the new wave of Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

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