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Dr. Ivan Reich


Hong Ngoc IVF Center


Anh - Séc


+ 1976: Graduated Medicine at the Second Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague
+ 1979: Gynecology and Obstetrics of the 1st degree
+ 1984: Passed the attestation II degree with gynecology and obstetrics.
Endoscopic surgery and ultrasound diagnostics Certificate at Gynecology Obstetrics Department of II. Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague.
+ 1986 – 1988: Certificate in invasive techniques under the guidance of ultrasound (AMC, CVS, UCP, UEM), Color Doppler Investigation in Italy, Holand and Danemark.
+ 1989: Trained in IVF in Austria 1989), Member of Committee for Ultrasound Diagnosis of Czech Republic Gynecological and Obstetrics Society.
+ 1994 – 1995: Trained and certified in IVF procedures in hospitals Hezliya Medical Center and Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer Hospital), Israel


+ 1976: Worked at Sokolov District Hospital
+ 1982: Worked at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Adults and Children of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
+ 1991: Assistant professor in infertility treatment and Head of Obstetric Department of Charles University Hospital in Prague
+ 1992: Co-founder and Senior consultant for infertility treatment, prenatal ultrasound care and endoscopic surgery at GynCentrum Inc (the first gynecology clinic in Prague).
+ 1994: Co-founder and Head Doctor for IVF of ISCARE I.V.F Inc – the biggest private IVF Center in Prague, Crzech Republic.
+ 1994: Co-founder Almeda Inc. – Hospital Neratovice providing inpatient care in the following fields: ARO, internal medicine, gynecological-obstetric, neonatal, one-day surgery.
+ 2013: Founder of Bach Mai IVF Center
+ Founder of GYN Vietnam Company which deals with health issues.
2018 – present: Director of Hong Ngoc IVF Center

In-depth study

+ Complex IVF treatment
+ Endoscopic surgery and ultrasound diagnostics